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The below info was taken from Lonesome Dove website, written by Bob Stiff

Wallace Barbee had a dream.  He dreamed not of becoming just the exhibitor, but the breeder of the best Appaloosa horses in the U.S., like he had seen at the '59 National Show.  Through an unlikely turn of events he found himself spending a week with Hank Wiescamp, the leading breeder of Quarter Horses in the AQHA.  Over the course of that week, Hank imparted his breeding philosophy of steadfast adherence to one breeding plan, and not changing year to year according to the trends of the day.  After dealing for 2 years, Wallace was able to buy from Hank KING PLAUDIT and three line-bred Skipper W. Quarter mares, and thus was the beginning of the BAR-B ranch.

The first show he entered was the '66 All-American Sweepstakes, with 3 judges and over 100 entries in some classes.   KING PLAUDIT came up first on each judge's card and won his first championship.

The next year, KING set many records, winning 37 Grands at the major shows across the nation and retired after defeating every stallion he ever showed against, a record that may never be broken.

KING went on to breed many incredible bloodlines and single-handedly raised the value and economic level of the Appaloosa Horse.  In 1974, he was the first major syndication of an Appaloosa Stallion, syndicating for $300,000.  His stud fee was $2,500, another first for the breed.

King finally died in the 80s of double pneumonia, but not before raising the stature of the Appaloosa breed to number 3 and growing.  Wallace said, "Just like a high-colored foal will show up in a band of plain mares after 3 or 4 generations, this club will surface with a bright future.  The Appaloosa blood is that strong and the membership is too."

Wallace has been in the Appaloosa business for 38 years, and the BAR-B Ranch is still going strong in Branson, MO.  Wally, Amanda, and Fred Barbee are all active in doing what they have done all their lives, promoting their Appaloosas.

I personally watched the KING PLAUDIT legend from the start to the present and believe he was 20 years before his time.  I think KING helped the breed alot and and will go down in the history of the Appaloosa horse as one of the greatest show stallions and prolific sires of all time...and he passes it on.



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